Working in Sacred Space
Certificate in Counselling Skills (CSKL2)

Northern Ireland Course 

First Step in Counselling

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with tutor 

Michelle Taylor

Level 2 Certificate Group, 2014

Level 2 Certificate Group, 2014

This accredited training course teaches counselling skills from an holistic perspective. It is recognised both as an academic qualification and an alternative. No previous experience is required. It is the first step to becoming a fully qualified counsellor. Many who embark on this course find it as rewarding on a personal level as an addition to their skills set.

This course is designed for alternative practitioners who wish to acquire counselling skills for use in their work or to help others. This course won’t teach you to be a counsellor but may help you decide whether or not to continue training; and it is also for counsellors who wish to incorporate their psychic and spiritual awareness in order to meet the spiritual world of their clients.

Counsellor Qualification – This course is the first step towards full counsellor qualification and carries a nationally recognized award (CSKL2). Ofqual Accreditation Number: CSK-L2 is accredited by the Office of the Qualifications & Examinations Regulator (Ofqual) into the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF). The qualification number for CSK-L2 is 500/7938/4. No previous experience or training is required. This course contains 103 Guided Learning hours.

Continuing Professional Development – It is also suitable for those with a degree of experience/qualification, who wish to integrate the psychic and spiritual dimension into their practice.

Sweet Track Spiritual Counselling Training Northern Ireland – provides professional training courses and workshops. All training services are designed and facilitated by fully qualified counsellors who are members of a counselling professional body and have completed extensive personal counselling training, including an in-depth study on their own personal and spiritual awareness. Sweet Track are confident in supporting their participants in both a group and one to one basis. This creates a safe space for self and personal exploration for their students, in a professional and ethical setting. Sweet Track services are intended to encourage development and healing. They have been specifically designed as a catalyst for the student to address personal issues which may be holding them back from living to their full potential. By using a series of tools and meditations the student’s natural ability to improve health, relationships and life purpose is activated. The exercises are creative and engaging and the power of working in a therapeutic group allows advancement in all aspects of life. “We laugh. We cry. We share.”  We welcome all cultural backgrounds to join us in sacred space to combine the spiritual with the mind and body to focus on your overall wellbeing.


Principles of counselling and listening skills

Attention is given to understanding the holistic role of a spiritual counsellor and the principles of a safe and ethical practice. You will have the opportunity to develop, practice and receive feedback on your listening and communication skills.

How to create sacred space within yourself and hold this energy with your clients

RhyneYou will learn Holistic Partnership inner-core energy awareness techniques, which can be used consciously to create a sacred healing space for: well-being, focus, energy protection and guidance, in order to enhance your work with others.

Ways of working with: creativity, spiritual guidance and healing abilities

You will have the opportunity to explore and develop different ways of drawing on your creative, intuitive and spiritual abilities, and how to use these appropriately with clients, e.g. use of meditation and guided visualisation.

Techniques for personal development and self-awareness

Self-awareness is ongoing and essential in working with others. You will be given models for understanding different aspects of yourself, and opportunities for developing positive regard both individually and as part of a group. Each weekend devotes time for both personal and group processing.

Awareness of diverse spiritual paths, and how to work with clients’ spiritual issues

work discussionRespect for different beliefs is at the heart of our course. In the group you will meet both kindred spirits, and those whose beliefs differ from your own. We offer glimpses of some of the many healing and spiritual traditions available today, enabling you to work closely with your client’s unique spiritual journey.

How to integrate your experiences into your individual path as a counsellor or therapy practitioner

Throughout the course you will be supported in compiling a portfolio, to help you integrate your learning experience. Students receive both group and individual tutorials to support this work. By participating and meeting the assessment process required by CPCAB you will gain recognition for your efforts and your gifts.

Course Programme Topics

• Principles of counselling and listening skills
• How to create sacred space within yourself and hold this energy with your clients
• Techniques for personal development, Self-reflection  and self-awareness
• Awareness of diverse spiritual paths, and how to work with clients’ spiritual issues
• Integrating past experiences
• Developing your core beliefs
• Ethics, boundaries and psychic protection
• Counselling skills practice. Giving and receiving feedback
• Inner child/inner parent
• Healing and touch
• Spiritual Awakening, spiritual wounds
• Using imagery and creativity, working with visualisation
• Using ritual and ceremony
• Introduction to CPCAB criteria
• Mock exam in preparation for external exam


Course Requirements

  • Personal therapy to support you during the year
  • Written assignments
  • Building a portfolio to show your participation and understanding
  • External assessment

Cost of Course

The total cost is £1,675. 

This includes the CPCAB registration fee. A £300 deposit secures your place. The full balance is due at the start of the course, or a monthly instalment plan is available on request.

Students in Abbey Park

Course Location and Timetable

This non-residential training takes place at:

The Down County Museum
 The Mall, Downpatrick,
BT30 6AH

The Certificate in Counselling Skills Level 2 Course consists of eight weekends

Dates to be confirmed
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How to apply for this course

You can contact us to let us know of your interest and we will send you an application form. Or you can download an application form below and send it to us.

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