Michelle Taylor

Tutor Level 2

MichelleT1WP_20150511_032Michelle has had a strong interest in self development and spirituality from a young age. She studied Mythic Tarot in her teens and ploughed through endless self development and spirituality books before she embarked on her Reiki journey. She was attuned to Reiki Master level in 2006 and her work with clients prompted her to follow her dream of studying counselling. She took the first step with Sweet Track in 2008 and qualified as an integrative therapist in 2013. She has 2 years experience of community based counselling in Herts Womens Centre and currently volunteers one evening per week to Holywood Family Trust. She worked as a school based counsellor, with 4-14 year olds for 3 years, using media such as sand play, metaphor and creativity to encourage therapeutic change. She developed her training experience in this field, co-facilitating various group therapy sessions and completing group training courses. She progressed to establishing and managing a school based counselling service for Place2Be in England before returning to Northern Ireland in 2014. She remains dedicated to her spiritual beliefs and harmonises with angelic energies and the power of crystal healing to bring her dreams into reality. Recently she has studied psychodynamic based counselling, further developing her interest in early childhood trauma and the impact on adulthood. Michelle brings together her sound theoretical knowledge, life experience, and soul connection to meet the needs of her clients.   

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