Jax Allen

Tutor Level 4

jaxOver the past twenty five years, I have enjoyed varied training courses and studies with the universities of Oxford and Bristol, The Holistic Birth Trust Foundation, Relaxed Birth and Parenting, Jay and Kestrel Oakwood, Howard and Elsa Malpas, Marc Blausten, Sweet Track Counselling tutors, as well as many, many others who have been generous and inspired to share their wisdom and experiences.

I felt drawn to Sweet Track Counselling initially to help deepen and improve my interpersonal and therapeutic skills. I was training and working as a childbirth doula and shamanic practitioner, noticing the absolute requirement for integrity and empathy in these most intimate moments of shared space with others. So valuable and fascinating was the start of this journey of personal and professional development for me that I continued my studies with Sweet Track, enabling me to take my counselling work into addiction therapy for drug, alcohol and gambling clients, provided by a charitable agency, and more recently to private practice which I offer from my home in beautiful, vibrant Bristol.

My interest in the holistic nature of human health has its roots in part from my life long interest in Zoology and biological systems, which was the subject of my early academic training and career path. The recognition that we are as inextricably bound to the subtle energy systems, and ecosystem of the Earth as we are to our own internal physiology informs my concept of psychospiritual counselling. This practice includes, allows, enquires about, brings to focus, not just the mental aspect of health – what happens in our minds, but the social, spiritual, transpersonal, nutritional, energetic, ancestral…. anything that has meaning for us in developing a stronger, more understanding, more deeply loving relationship to ourselves and with others.





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