Counselling with Spirituality for Therapists

A CPD course for qualified therapists

With Collette Barnard 

Friday 3rd, Saturday 4th & Sunday 5th November 2017

mushroomA training over 3 days. This is for you who are already qualified psychotherapists and counsellors who wish to explore your spirituality and core beliefs, for personal development and to inform your work with clients.

We shall explore different spiritual belief model, how these can be integrated into your practice, and how to bring this awareness into the therapeutic relationships.

We shall focus on:- Mindfulness, Eco-psychology, Transpersonal & Jungian Symbols, Creative Art Therapy and Meditation Techniques, as our choice of theoretical models.

The emphasis is on wholeness and inner integration of all dimensions of Self. Your personal journey is the focus with permission for you to place yourself at the centre of your research.

reedsFrom this training you will:

  • Be able to sit with confidence within your own personal Core Beliefs and Spiritual Practice
  • Develop a language to use with clients around Spirituality
  • Understanding your client’s Spiritual journey
  • Have skills and tools to work with your client’s Spiritual connection and development
  • Understand the use of ceremony and rituals
  • Have awareness of Spiritual diversity and difference

Over these 3 days we will explore:  

What do you mean by ‘Spiritual’. How you connect with your spirituality. What is a sacred space. Core beliefs. Five ways of connection. Nine stages of core connection. Our personal spiritual quest or the Hero’s Journey. Deep listening. Spiritual experiences/ Spiritual crises.  Spirituality and mental health.   Creative tools.  Importance of rituals. Embodied connection. Eco-psychology. Theoretical integration- A Sweet track Counselling Psycho-spiritual approach.



This course is CPD

Cost of Course £210.00



Counselling with Spirituality for Therapists

Counselling with Spirituality - Glastonbury

From 10:00am until 5.30pm

At Sweet Track Centre

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